A watercolor piece that means the world to me. My take on the "wolf in sheep's clothing" and the main piece in my 2022 art show "Between Black and White". The entire show was built around showing the young and upcoming artists of my Mother's hometown I'm currently residing in not to be afraid to break away from the conventional. Not to be afraid to do something strange, surreal and even weird.

First drafted and the concept sketched digitally, then fully drawn and hand-painted with handmade watercolor paints I made myself.

In a small town of nothing but tradition and old ways, it was a small step in the right direction to show the little ones that not only can they break convention but the obvious message not to trust, even when surrounded by beautiful and whimsical lies. Follow their hearts and walk down their own path, not be lead or carried away by others with less than good intent.​​​​​​
2022 Grand Prize Winner of Sticker Mule’s and Dribbble’s Poster Contest.
You can view the contest results by clicking here.
I appreciate your time in viewing my project!
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