Hours Of Research: 37
Professional Piercers Consulted: 12
Hours To Digitally Paint: 3
Number Of Piercings: 26
Colorways Created: 8
Formatted For: 11" x 17" / A3

Total Time To Create: 58 Hours

​​​​​​​Strong emphasis was placed on accuracy. Given the regional differences in names of each piercing, in consultation with each piercer, finding the most common reference for each piercing and exact location was important.

The goal was to give professional piercers a comprehensive and complete visual guide as reference for clientele when coming in to either receive a piercing or browse for one.

Each piercing has different after care needs, so in consultation with each piercer, leaving it up to their highly professional judgement was best, given the wide range of medical needs pertaining to each specific piercing.​​​​​​​

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