Client: Mark Porter of
Commissioned: Brad Baer
Project: UX button design done for A stand-alone article page piece with cultural professional hints for tech industry professionals.
Scope: Create 25 unique buttons and hero images for buttons to be utilized along with supporting graphical elements and hero images for article/write-up.

Staying within the margins of the pre-established website aesthetic to maintain cohesiveness and congruency throughout, light/medium greys were used along with touches of blue and green to highlight specific nuances within supporting graphical elements for overall visual effectiveness. Sleek, ease on the eye and visually interpreted easily were the main goals of every graphic created, allowing the viewer to enjoy moving from short piece to piece or jump from section to section. Buttons were differentiated to allow coder (Brad Baer) to possibly code buttons to allow for UX jumping via click interaction.
Thank you for viewing, Jarrod Vandenberg

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