Stand With Ukraine Collection
Statement From Displate:

As the situation in Ukraine unfolded, we couldn’t just stand and watch. We launched an open call for artists and shortly after, launched a special Stand With Ukraine collection raising funds for Ukrainian people together with artists from all across the world.
So far, we’ve raised $324,525.

This also includes all the money gathered through the exclusive Limited Edition release by Ukrainian artist Stanislav Lunin
108 Artists: I was 1 of them.
I am so proud of this. When the war in Ukraine began and Russia invaded, Displate asked it's artists if they wanted to donate work. Illustrate/Create something special towards a project to help the efforts for Ukraine. It was something we could do, even a small part, in an effort to save as many lives as we could. Displate is a Polish based company and they asked, going above and beyond and I answered the call, along with 107 other artists.

We raised $324,525.00 to help Ukrainian people! My art actually helped do something. We all did something. All 108 of us. The pen/pencil was just as effective as a sword in our case.

The collection is still live right now and the efforts are still going on. Ukraine is still fighting for their lives and we're still supporting them all the way. I'm so proud of this, but by no means am I backing down and nor are they; We love you Ukraine.

This is a showcase of my project and illustration, but also a cry for help to the Ukrainian people as a whole. The collection is still live (click right here) and can still help. You can also still donate to war relief charities who directly support Ukraine. They're still fighting for their lives, families and independence. They haven't given up and nor will we on them.

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